We currently have two Adult Sunday School Classes. These classes each work through different books in the Bible and we enjoy lively and insightful discussons.


Our Ladies Aid and Missionary Society meets on the first Thursday each month. We generally work on making quilts that are given to Children's Homes, Homeless Shelters, Ambulance Crews and many other places that offer help to people. The workday usually begins at around 9:30, followed by a potluck dinner and meeting where hymns are sung, the Bible is studied and business is discussed.


We have both a Mixed Choir and a Men's Choir that practice on Wednesday nights. Our Men's Choir occasionally is asked to sing at Community functions, such as funerals, etc. 


Our Adult Bible study meets on Sunday afternoons. We each bring a sack lunch to church and eat after the morning worship service. After lunch we do an in-depth Bible Study which is intentional about letting the Spirit of God use the Word of God transform our lives.






To Know Christ

And Make

Him Known