Our Affiliation

The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference


The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference is a theologically conservative denomination in the heritage of the pilgrim fathers who settled New England, believing strongly in the autonomy of the local church.  We are comprised of churches that flow from various streams of history including Congregational, Christian, Evangelical and Reformed and independent Community churches.  We are solidly committed to the core doctrines of the Christian faith.  Our member churches hold strong convictions on the non-negotiable tenets of the faith, but do not believe that Christians should divide over secondary issues.  As an evangelical conference, we are strongly committed to church planting, evangelism and missions for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The 4C's has 29 Regional Fellowships. Hope Congregational Church is a member of the Rocky Mountain Regional Fellowship comprised of 4C's Churches in Colorado.

You may learn more about the 4C's by visiting www.ccccusa.com







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